A More Pointed Chatroulette, Please?

Ironically, I have been known to be a bit hesitant to jump on board with the latest in social media. I clung to my Myspace page when others were jumping ship to Facebook. I didn’t even start my own Twitter page, although now I’m an avid user. The latest craze I’m slow to accept: Chatroulette. I think it’s an interesting concept: connecting internet users around the world, capitalizing on global connection. But in practice, this experience is a little less than charming. To demonstrate my point, I yield to the ever-satirical Jon Stewart.

Chat Roulette would be cool if there were self-selecting categories to act as a screening process. I’d be all-for chatting with other curious social media users, maybe even from around the world. It could be a new way to share culture. I’d also suggest a category for groups. Part of the popularity of Chatroulette is its appeal to the collective experience. By having such a category, my sorority sisters could connect with other groups of people (likely students) who use Chatroulette as a party game. You’d get more of the audience you’re aiming for and bypass the sketchy men who sit alone in the dark. Basically, if there were a way to screen out creeps, I’d be more inclined to participate. C’est la vie.

But what other cues could we use to make Chatroulette a bit more pointed? Some suggest that a “win” in chat roulette is measured by length of conversation. This theory suggests that a long conversation means that you’ve successfully kept your audience’s attention and avoided the “next” button, thus making you a desirable connection for other users. However, to return to my previous point, the inclusion of some categories feature could signal the types of conversations or encounters users would have. The experience would be a little more self-directed, a little less random.

Then again, I could just be missing the point entirely. Maybe the appeal of Chatroulette is its random shock value. Thoughts?

These suggestions aside, I may give Chatroulette a go. There’s a chance I’ll be serenaded by Ben Folds. Please pick me, Ben Folds!



~ by Lindsay Bembenek on March 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “A More Pointed Chatroulette, Please?”

  1. There would have to be some kind of credible community feedback mechanism to screen people out of certain groups. Otherwise trolling would be a big problem, and I’m guessing the creeps would flock to the sorority sister board.

    I also do think that part of its appeal is the random shock value; if people really want to talk to people with specific interests, there are tons of messenger boards and chat rooms dedicated to more or less every interest imaginable.


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