#worldcup played on a flat globe

Some of my favorite tweets from the World Cup. What would the world be without globalization? Loaded question much.

nickschifrin Watching #worldcup in Kabul #Afghanistan at a French restaurant, which means I have to watch the match in French. hm.

horwichwarrior Dear FIFA, don’t ever allow a developing country to host the #WorldCup again. Those fucking trumpets are taking the beauty out of the game.

stilez Why does the England team have an Italian coach?? Just sayin. #WorldCup

chupeflash Ya que entre los mexicanos el “gringo” Torres y Hercules Gomez. Ellos nos representan ja.

irish_eagle Greek presence at #WorldCup seems more unjust than French. #Irelandshouldbethere

eduardopalacios Los gringos serán lo que sea, pero le están sacando un empate a los que inventaron el football #worldcup

markgonzalesIS: Any child whose labor has ever made futbol/soccer gear should get a free flight//board/entry ticket to #WorldCup .

BrunoHoffmann Na pior das hipóteses, que nenhum colonizador da Africa vença essa Copa! #goafrica #worldcup

KiDazed Why is it that we can successfully organise a global footy match, but can’t pull off a climate change deal? #worldcup #eng ‘> #usa

MaisieTaylor_Deffo feel sorry for the men out in Afghanistan who have to watch the football with some Americans out there in the army aswell.. awkward.

chiefchimpanzee If the USA lose, technically Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, FB & Twitter could delete all online history of this match #worldcup

703AstrosFan If US wins #WorldCup game today, it’s burgers for dinner. If England, fish n chips. If a draw, French.

AndyMesa Just like the election, there wasn’t a winner. #ENG should form a coalition with #ALG to keep the #USA ‘> out#worldcup

gpollowitz #USA ‘> votes “present” in game one of the#worldcup

garethcopley Barack 1 – 1 British Petroleum #worldcup #eng ‘> #usa

Did I mention that How Soccer Explains the World is on my reading list?



~ by Lindsay Bembenek on June 12, 2010.

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